Wednesday, 9 May 2012

International Tips For Carry-On Luggage and Bags on International Trips

If you find yourself traveling in coach class, pay particular attention to your bag's weight. Each airline has different restriction policies to what they will allow. The maximum size is usually 45" which means that your bag could be 22" x 14" x 9". and with a maximum weight of 11 pounds on international flights.
  1. Inquire about your flight; different airplanes can have different limits. Do not assume that the flight has unlimited closet space for garment bags. Most have to be checked in.
  2. To ensure bin space for your carry-on board the moment your row is called. Better yet, get in line about a minute before last boarding call.
  3. Unless you prefer the open space in front of your legs, avoid the bulkhead row. It offers less storage space since there is no seat in front of you.
  4. If it does not bother you to be the last one out ask for a seat towards the rear. This which will allow you to board earlier, when more overhead bins are empty.
  5. Do not pack anything in a carry-on bag that could be considered a weapon. This includes mace, scissors, knives.
Just to make sure that your have as few hassles as possible, use a small bag with only the essential items that you will need for a day. This is not only a courtesy to other travelers but it will make your trip less bothersome for you. Do not forget your toothbrush and toothpaste because it is one small way to refresh yourself on lengthy flights -- and your fellow passengers will appreciate the effort.
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