Sunday, 20 May 2012

Flight Travel Insurance: Must-Have Insurance for Stress-Free Journeys

A New Haven-bound US Airways flight was struck by lightning. The passengers and crew were safe and the flight was rerouted to New York. This incident, however, demonstrates why flight insurance is so crucial.
The importance of flight insurance policies is obvious in the number of products available in the market today. While the typical flight insurance policy covers death, loss of limbs, or loss of sight due to a flight accident, some other policies extend coverage to evacuation and repatriation on medical grounds, lost/missing/delayed baggage, and trip cancellation.
You have several flight insurance packages to pick from. Flight life insurance plans provide insurance coverage for accidental death on commercial airlines. If the insured visits high-risk areas, then flight life insurance do not offer coverage.
Flight cancellation insurance policies reimburse expenses in case a flight is delayed/, or if a family member or traveling companion is ill or expires. Some flight cancellation policies automatically insure traveling companions less than 18 years of age. And in some cases, expenses for trips delayed because of missed connecting flights are reimbursed.
There are several policies to choose from, depending on necessity and budget. One travel insurance policy can offer maximum limits of $300,000, $500,000, or $1 million while some others offer lower maximum limits of $100,000, $200,000, $300,000, and so on.
The premium amounts depend on the policy. The premium for some policies can be as nominal as $14 and can extend to $56. Maximum trip lengths, too, are policy specific and could be a minimum of 180 days or a maximum of one year. Policies can be bought for a single trip or for several trips through the year.
Some flight insurance plans pack in a lot of benefits while some others cover certain risks. A MedEvac plan takes care of emergency evacuation either due to medical reasons or security reasons. It also offers non-mandatory adventure sports coverage and a host of assistance services for medical situations, flight and hotel requirements, and even with missing luggage.
With so many flight insurance policies in the market, some amount of confusion is valid. So, to help customers access and compare various flight insurance policies, a web site was recently launched. The web site accepts input from the user and uses it to collect policy details from everywhere so that the user can compare all the available policies and choose one that is affordable and value for money.
Adele Pitt frequently writes about travel and travel insurance.

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