Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Traveling to Africa - 3 Important Travel Tips

 Africa is more than just an exotic travel destination. Its a world apart and one of the most unique and special travel experiences you will ever have. The continent has so much to offer and with the rich and diverse natural beauty you are bound to end up in some rural parts that is not always as safe as what you may be used to in a first world country. There are a lot of things you need to be careful of when traveling to Africa and although there is no need to be paranoid, being cautious is very important to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.
Here are 3 things that you must pay particular attention to.
1. Medical Precautions
Before you travel to any part of Africa you need to check which pills you need to drink before you leave. Malaria is a very real and present danger all through the continent and if you are traveling to certain parts you are required to finish certain courses of prescription pills well in advance of your travel. This is crucial to keep you safe from the treat of diseases that can be life threatening.
2. Personal Security
In Africa, local police and security is not at all what it is elsewhere in the world. There is a lot of issues with tourists being targeted for petty crimes and sometimes even more serious attacks. In most cities you will be fine, but when you go off the beaten track into more rural areas you need to pay particular attention to never walk alone - especially in deserted areas. Always check with your local embassy on the current political climate of any region you are traveling to and make sure that you avoid areas where there is conflict.
3. Insurance
When it comes to security at airports and hotels, then you'd be surprised at some of the stories. At certain airports and in certain countries airport personal routinely raid passenger's luggage and help themselves to whatever they feel like. Its really important that you have adequate insurance - especially for stuff like cameras, laptops and other valuables. Its also good practice to keep your travel documents on you at all times and try and carry as little cash on you as possible. Keep valuable jewelery at home as it will only attract pick pockets.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Top Tips to Inter-Rail Successfully

Travelling around Europe and other parts of the world by train can be the best way to enjoy the scenery and truly experience the journey - not to mention often being a much cheaper alternative to flights. But if you've never inter-railed before, you may feel a little intimidated by the idea of going off on your own and dealing with foreign train companies.
It can be disheartening to think that globalisation is eradicating many of the unique features of some countries, but in many ways this makes travel much easier for those heading abroad. In terms of train travel, you're not likely to come across too many surprises when booking and riding in foreign climes, as long as you've done your research beforehand. While the scenery may be more spectacular than you're used to back home, and the local accents very different, the process of buying tickets is usually very straightforward - though you should be aware of what you're paying for.
Just like in the UK, many countries divide train travel into different classes, with First Class tickets typically being more expensive than standard. If you're keen to experience countries like the locals do, buying standard tickets can be a great way to save money, though some journeys - especially sleeper trains travelling overnight - can be much more comfortable if you pay a little extra.
Whether you're heading off on a short holiday or a longer excursion around the world, you also need to carefully consider the things you're taking with you, as you don't want to be too weighed down by heavy luggage every time you get on and off the train. Don't take too many travel books or more clothes than you're likely to need, and similarly try to avoid taking expensive items that would be costly to replace if lost or stolen. While crime rates on board trains are relatively low in many countries, you should still take out single trip travel insurance or international travel insurance to cover your assets.
If you're travelling through Europe, the introduction of the euro has made things a lot easier, but you should try to keep up with the latest exchange rates to make sure you know exactly how much you're really spending. Reading the news headlines for your country wherever possible is also a good idea, especially if you're visiting countries where natural disasters or political uprisings may threaten your travel plans.
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Friday, 1 June 2012

Benefits of Doing a Working Holiday in Japan

Have you ever considered a working holiday in Japan? Japan offers special visas for young people who wish to come to the country, travel around, get a job, and stay for up to a year. It's a great way to get some experience of the country, fund your trip, and enjoy yourself. Students just out of college or on break from school frequently take these types of holidays to learn more about Japanese language and culture.
Japan currently has working holiday agreements with Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Denmark, France, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. If you're a citizen of any of these countries, you could apply for a working holiday visa and experience Japan as more than just a tourist. Unfortunately, people who aren't citizens of these countries are not eligible, since Japan requires a mutual agreement with the country of origin in order to issue the visa.
There are a lot of great benefits to getting involved in the Working Holiday Programs. They've been around since the early 1980s, though many countries didn't get involved until the 2000s. The programs are meant to help young people get a global perspective and a better understanding of the world. You'll meet new friends, learn about the Japanese language and day to day life, and have the unique experience of being on your own in a foreign country. You can get almost any kind of job, as long as your stay is primarily a holiday, and as long as you steer clear of regulated jobs, like those in dance halls and nightclubs.
Make the most of your holiday in Japan - schedule your work so that you'll be able to see the whole country, do everything you've ever been interested in doing there, and really get into the culture. After all, no one wants to spend their whole stay at work. A working holiday is actually designed so that you don't have to. You have to declare your plans before you arrive, but you can change those plans at any time. Just talk to the Japanese Consulate about the possibilities before hand, and make sure you read up on all the rules.
The only real restrictions on doing a working holiday in Japan are the length of your stay. If you overstay your visa, you could end up being fined, or even deported. The good news for Australians is that they can choose to extend their visa for up to 18 months, so if you find out that you love being in Japan, you have options. Take the time to find out if a working holiday is appropriate for you. You might be surprised by all the benefits it offers. If you're a young person living in one of the right countries, a working holiday in Japan is a real option.
If you're thinking about doing a Working Holiday Japan and you meet the above eligibility requirements, try working in a Japanese Resort this year - you'll have the time of your life!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Why Visit Malaysia?

Malaysia is a tropical paradise which can whet the appetite of the most discerning traveller. A country noted for its political stability, Malaysia is a model for peace and racial harmony in spite of its multi-ethic, multi-cultural and multi-religious origin and character. This happy amalgam of race, creed and culture is transparent wherever you go in Malaysia and friendly faces will greet you, be it on a busy urban thoroughfare or a footpath in our villages.
Malaysia is for the traveller who wants the best of both worlds. Malaysia with its modern cities provides all that is expected and more for the traveller who wants modern amenities. For the more adventurous, remote and exotic towns, resort provide the experience of living in the tropics as it has been for generations.
Malaysia is never too hot nor ever too cold. Average daily temperatures is range from 21 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. Humidity is high but never too high for dehydration to set in, Rainfall varies from 2000mm ~2500mm. Although the official language is Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), English is widely spoken.
Malaysia has excellent infrastructure with major road arteries running the length of the country. Bus and rail services are regular, cheap and efficient. Accommodation ranges from the luxury five-star hotels in our cities to budget hotels in our small towns and the very affordable rooms in "tourist kampung" dotted along our coastlines.
"Service with a smile" has never been a cliche for us - it is an ingrained habit of every Malaysian - be in a hotel, a roadside stall or aboard our international and domestic airlines.
To sum up, Malaysia offers a unique experience which will titillate your sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste - all of which is bound to leave an indelible imprint in your memory long after you have wished us "Good Bye - in Malay word: Selamat Tinggal".
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Japan - One Of The Best Travel Destinations In Asia

Dubbed as the land of the rising sun, Japan holds best travel destinations of all seasons in its four islands. They hold attractions that range from historical places to natural sceneries to amusement parks to shopping centers. If you wish to visit the country, let us have a quick on look on how you can explore Japan according to your specific interests.
Historical Places
Japan is a rich country where history blends with culture. This fact can be seen all through out the four islands of Tokyo, Hiroshima, Yokohama and Osaka. They all have temples, historical buildings, museums and churches.
The Kyoto Imperial Palace Park is first in the list of the famous historical places to visit. It was once the home to many Japanese emperors. To understand more of the Japanese religious background, you can visit Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji - Golden Pavilion, Sensoji Temple Asakusa, Shibuya, Meiji Jingu Shrine Confucian Shrine, Ryoanji Temple, Tochoji Temple, Hokozaki Shrine and Kiyomizu-dera Temple.
If you are traveling with your children and you want them to remember of a piece Japanese history, bring them to The Museum of Kyoto And Honda Museum.
Amusement Parks
A part of the family holiday destinations are its different kinds of parks. For those who just want to enjoy the beauty of a natural environment, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Nagasaki Peace Park, Ohori-Keon Japanese Garden and Hama Rikyu Garden which is considered the best garden in Tokyo. By visiting these parks tourists also learn bits and pieces of Japanese history. Hiroshima Park, for one, was then a port city that got destroyed due to an atom bomb explosion.
Should your children want some thrill and excitement, bring them to Tokyo Disneyland. The young and the young at heart will not only enjoy the different rides in the amusement park but also taking photos of its different parts. This is because the touch of Japanese architecture makes this Disneyland branch unique from its other branches worldwide.
Natural Sceneries
Hokkaido with its beautiful natural surroundings attract many foreign and local tourists. Mount. Fuji is one of the must see places in this island. Every year it attracts more than a thousand hikers to explore and reach its snow-covered zenith. Getting to the countryside during the Japan ski season would also be a great way for you to marvel at the country's natural beauty. Besides skiing down the snowy slopes you can also immerse yourself in hot springs which are usually found at the foot of some mountains.
Shopping Centers
Finally, Japan is also one of the best travel destinations for those who love to shop especially for modern gadgets. Most of the busiest Japanese stores are located in Ginza and Shibuya. Young people are the common travelers to these places because of the presence of cool and stylish shops. But no matter how contemporary these stores are they still exude a touch of Japan's past. To those who love the nightlife, Shinjuku is the best spot as it holds brightest casinos and gambling joints.
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What Is The Cost of Travel Vaccinations?

If you decide to travel to a foreign country like Africa means that you are going to need to get the required vaccinations to be able to travel to the country you desire.
Travel vaccinations should be done at least four to six weeks before traveling outside of the United States. There are a number of vaccinations required by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but there are also a few ones that are not obligatory. One example of a required vaccination is the yellow fever vaccination, which is needed when traveling to and from certain countries, most specially the sub-Saharan Africa. The list of vaccinations will greatly depend on the country you choose to go. Whether you want to go to rural areas, the time of year you will take the trip, your age, your health and which vaccinations you have had already.
Adults who are always traveling need to be up to date on their routine vaccinations before leaving the country. Some of the most important vaccinations include TD (tetanus/diphtheria) and MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella). Other additional vaccinations include typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, rabies, polio, meningococcal meningitis, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B.
A Yellow Fever shot is needed for those traveling recurrently in tropical countries. This shot costs about $130 to as high as $375, and is one of the most expensive shots. A rabies shot can cost between $400 and $1,000. A Typhoid vaccination is needed to give you protection from contaminated food and water in areas such as Asia, Mexico, and Africa. This type of vaccination will cost about $40 to $150 per shot. A Meningitis vaccination is required for those traveling to Africa, and it costs $45 to $125 per shot. A Hepatitis A shot gives protection from Hepatitis A for nearly 2 years, and the average cost per shot is between $45 and $110. Meanwhile a Hepatitis B shot gives protection against Hepatitis B that requires 3 different shots. Each shot costs $45 to $80, which totals to $150 normally. Another common shot that is intended for children is a polio shot, which is a onetime shot that costs between $10 and $30.
The shots will be given by your doctor at his office, or the Travel Clinic. The travel clinic will be the one to recommend shots you need. The CDC has list of resources that confirms which shots are going to be needed. They will usually ask you what country you are going to, and for how long you are going to stay there.
Most travel vaccinations are not covered by health insurance plan. This is why it is important to inquire with your health insurance company about the coverage of the plan.
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Top Tourist Destinations of India

Magnificent forts, exquisite palaces, desert landscapes, diverse flora & fauna, colorful festivals and vibrant fairs make Rajasthan among the most sought after destinations of All India Travel Tours. It is the land where stories of bravery and romance can be experienced in its battle scarred forts and elegant palaces. Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Pushkar are some of the well-known attractions of Rajasthan Tourism which summons scores of tourists from across the globe.
Kerala the God's Own Country is another most sought after destination among tourists during their Travel to India. This romantic destination of India is known for its sensuous beaches, enchanting backwaters, soul stimulating hill stations, ayurvedic therapies, vibrant culture and colorful fairs the most popular one is Kerala Boat Race. This nature blessed land is among the top 20 world tourist destinations visited by scores of tourists every year. Cochin, Munnar, Periyar, Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kovalam are some of the most sought after destinations of Kerala Tourism famous for its nature's scenic beauty.
Beauty of sensuous sea, silvery sand and azure sea make Goa a most sought after destination among tourists during their India Travel. It is among the most preferred destinations among national as well as international tourists who come here for adventure holiday, nature sightseeing, honeymoon tour or historical trip. Mapusa, Margao, Panaji, Ponda and Vasco are some of the preferred attractions of Goa Tour where large number of tourists thronged round the year.
Taj Mahal the monument of immense beauty and symbol of undying love make Agra one of the most visited destinations of All India Travel Tours. This is one of the most preferred destinations among tourists during their Travel to India. It is a land of architectural marvel which was built by Mughal Emperors who ruled this place for centuries. Apart from the monumental beauty of Taj Mahal this place is also known for the architectural grandeur of Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.
Khajuraho the land of architectural delight is known worldwide for the group of Hindu and Jain temples. These magnificent temples are known for the architectural carvings which showcase best of human arts, imagination and sculpture. Temples in Khajuraho are unique in the world because of its erotic saga crafted out of stone by the Chandela Rajput kings of Central India. It is a small town located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh visited by scores of tourists round the year.
Srinagar the most famous hill station of India is known throughout the world for its sublime greenery, snowcapped mountains and panorama of Himalayan ranges. Large number tourists travel to Srinagar so that they can enjoy their pleasant holidays amidst serene Himalayan backdrop, impressive Dal Lake, houseboats (Shikaras) and the beautiful Mughal gardens.
India is an incredible land so are its destinations. The diverse beauty of this mystic land and its unending attraction lures tourists from several parts of the globe. Some of the other destinations of this list are Varanasi and Leh & Ladakh.
India is the destination of the millennium where beauty beckons, culture echoes, diversity delights and tradition talks. Tourists during India Travel prefer All India Travel Tours so that they can witness vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, magnificent historical sites, royal cities, golden beaches and more. For more info visit http://www.allindia-travel-tours.com/.

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Travel India - Golden Triangle

India is a country with varied climate and diverse culture. While travelling in train in India, it is most obvious when with every passing hour the scenery changes. The dunes of Rajasthan make way for paddy fields in Madhya Pradesh. The heavy turbans of Rajasthan turn into white cotton caps in Maharashtra. Even the geographical region are amazingly different with Northern region being dominated by the Himalayan mountains, eastern part being surrounded by Arabian sea, western side surfing the Bay of Bengal and southern India being surrounded by Pacific Ocean. Travel India to explore the corners of the country filled with different colors.
Travelling in India can be a spiritual experience as well as the adventure activity depending upon whether you are in Rishikesh or Kanchanjunga mount. The ghats of Haridwar evoke a feeling of separation from worldly affairs and closeness to the divine God. The white waters of Rishikesh invite the adrenaline rush in the blood. The shores of Ganges invite the most hardened worshippers of Shiva to meditate in its proximity.
The golden triangle in India are the most travelled area in India. The triangle involves the beautiful city of Agra,the city of Rajputs, Jaipur and the capital of India,Delhi.
Travel India to find out the amazing mugal architecture, Taj Mahal being one of the few. Taj Mahal situated in Agra was built by Shah jahan for his loving wife, Mumtaj Mahal. Agra is also famous for Red fort which used to house the mugal army in olden days. Fatehpur Sikri was the residence of Akbar the great and still smells of its magnificent past. Fatehpur Sikri boasts of Buland Darwaja and Dargah of Chisti, Akbar's teacher.
Jaipur, which is lovingly called as pink city and rightly so with pink color being prominent color on all the walls around the city. The city boasts of Rajasthani style architecture with so many gates being present all over the city. It is famous for Hawa Mahal,Aamer fort and Jantar mantar. Travel India to get a taste of princely palace and taste of Rajasthani royalty.
Delhi,capital of India and the most beautiful of all, carrying on its shoulder the glorious past and equally blood bathed history. The mugals architecture is seen all over the city giving Delhi a character. The Jama masjid, Delhi Fort are few examples of Mugal monuments which are glorious to watch. The British built the Parliament, Rastrapati Bhavan and the famous India Gate in memory of soldiers killed in world war one. Travel India to get a look at the past mingling with present and giving way to a phenomenon called Delhi.
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Europe Travel - Explore the Most Beautiful Continent in the World

If you are planning your vacations then a tour to Europe would be the right choice. It is the most beautiful continent in the world and for exactly this reason one should visit this lovely continent. The established fact about Europe came out in the year 2004 when World Tourism Organization declared it as the biggest travel spot in the world. In this year 54% of the world's travel business came from Europe only. Europe travel will give you an opportunity to see various tourist destinations that can refresh your mind and will definitely make your tour unforgettable.
Europe comprises of various countries that are very rich in travel destinations. These countries have various landmarks that can cater every kind of traveler. All kind of travelers has different traveling needs. Some loves to visit beaches, museums, Churches and some loves to enjoy sports adventures. Also Europe travel offers a chance to visit various historical monuments Scenic beauty of this continent has always attracted a keen and potential visitor. The places to discover, here, are endless.
Major countries which are part of Europe travel are United Kingdom, France, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Rome, Switzerland and Turkey. Each of these countries has some world famous tourist location where a traveler can learn history, natural beauty and lots more. Traveling to these countries of Europe could be a lifetime experience for you.
Europe travel is one of convenience. In Europe, mode of transport are fully recognized and well managed. Various countries in Europe are famous for their rail networks. However this lovely continent can be seen through ship, railways, air transport and even through roadways. European countries are well developed with high living standards, culture and traditions.
Europe travel is the right combination for every kind of traveler. The countries of Europe are a must visit in a lifetime. So, if you were planning your trip then pack your bags and move to Europe, the real paradise on earth.
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Flight Insurance Only? What's the Difference Between Travel Insurance and Flight Insurance?

Is that possible? Certainly, there are some concerns though.
The usual way of traveling abroad or to a distant place is through air, by plane. Whether you're traveling domestically or internationally, you will be protected if you have travel insurance. You will never know what's going to happen in your vacation or travel so it would be best to have yourself insured.
By getting flight insurance, you can rest easy for some of the usual hassles of traveling. For instance, trip delay, flight cancellation and lost luggage.
On the other hand if you want to cover auto rental cancellation, hotel/resort cancellation, emergency and illness medical needs these are usually covered by "full" travel insurance.
There are a couple of ways of getting either types of coverage. You can call the agent that you have for your regular health or auto insurance. The other option is to buy it online.
The important thing is get travel insurance whether it be Flight Insurance only or a "full" travel insurance policy.
So the skinny of it is this...
Flight insurance is very limited, but costs less. Only covering the flight portion of you trip. In essence it is only protects for flight cancellation, death or dismemberment (sometimes lost luggage). If you need other coverages then you may consider getting a travel insurance package.
A full travel insurance policy can cover an amazing amount of things. Like trip cancellation, lost luggage, emergency medical, sudden illness, sometimes even pre-existing conditions and more. You need to ask your agent what fits best for you.
Travel Insurance Reviews is keys to getting travel insurance. Yes, being covered is absolutely not an option when travel abroad. Be prepared!
Flight Insurance Only can be the answer, but is limited. Make sure you get all the facts
Francis Murray - Fellow Traveler

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Travel Health Insurance - Don't Get Caught Without It!

When planning a trip or vacation, many people neglect to spend the little extra money and time to ensure themselves the peace of mind of having travel insurance. This leads to the unfortunately common scenario of travellers who find themselves ill or hurt in a foreign country and unable to afford the appropriate care.
Imagine for a moment that you and your family have embarked on a long-awaited and planned for vacation to Europe. You finally arrive at your destination and excitedly set out on a day tour of your first city. During the day, one of your family members falls ill or falls and breaks a leg. Do you have any idea how much it will cost for an ambulance trip in this foreign country? How about doctor's fees, hospital services and medications? Every year, thousands of travelers are left in just such situations without adequate medical coverage to pay for the emergency they find themselves in.
When you are visiting foreign places there are often aspects you will be unfamiliar with, such as terrain, animals, plants and insects. Add to this possible difficulties communicating because you don't speak the language or understand the local customs and you could be setting yourself up for a difficult time should anything unexpected happen.
Like any good insurance product, the premium is always worth the coverage in case of needing it, and is often overlooked by consumers. Most people have an 'it won't happen to me' complex - don't be most people!
Travel insurance, also known as travel accident insurance or travel health insurance, should include at least the following:
o Any charges for ambulance services to the nearest hospital
o Hospital accommodations as needed
o Any laboratory testing and x-rays
o Doctors, surgeons and nurses' fees
o Emergency prescribed medications
In general, be sure and ask for coverage which cover at least the above-mentioned. Additional questions to ask include:
o Specific amounts of coverage and what is excluded, if anything
o Is there a deductible and how much?
o Are sports related injuries covered?
o Are any medical emergencies due to pre-existing conditions covered or excluded?
o Is every member of your family or travel group covered in the plan?
o Is there a provision for costs incurred if a flight is missed and a more expensive flight has to be booked? What about missed work due to illness or accident?
o Is the cost of returning the sick or injured person home covered?
Medical emergencies can be expensive no matter where they occur. Travel health insurance is an effective and cost-efficient way to secure peace of mind so you can go have some fun!
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Travel Insurance - How Important Is It?

Before taking your next trip, you may want to consider availing of travel insurance. Many travelers do not understand the importance of this type of insurance and how it can help them in case of medical problems, accidents, canceled trips and lost baggage. This insurance will simply help you avoid spending more in case these situations happen.
Depending on the travel insurance you purchased, it usually covers many aspects of your travel. The cost depends on the insured items or the type of insurance you are purchasing. Most airlines include this insurance with the flight tickets, but passengers are given the option to avail of them or not. Thus, this insurance can be purchased separately from a travel ticket. If you are traveling overseas and your trips get cancelled, you may end up losing money that you have already invested for your travel if you are without insurance.
Many travelers think that travel insurance is just an additional expense. However, more often than not, this insurance is beneficial. On the other hand, many travelers actually assume that this insurance can provide protection in any scenario. For example, some travelers purchase trip cancellation insurance and then cancel their trips at the last minute, thinking that the insurance will save them from the unnecessary expenses. However, this is not the case. Most insurance companies have rules and regulations that govern trip cancellation and other similar scenarios. Most often, it does not cover trips that you cancel voluntarily. It is important that you understand the rules of the travel insurance before purchasing one.
Although travel insurance is often useful, it often comes with risks. This is why it is important for you to understand the insurance policies before purchasing one. If you do not do this, you will end up spending money for something that you do not actually need. For instance, if you already have a medical insurance, you do not really have to spend for a travel insurance that includes medical benefits. If you purchase one, however, you need to make sure that you know and understand its coverage. For example, if you will be participating in sport-related activities such as scuba diving, make sure that the coverage includes sport-related accidents. Read the insurance policies word for word and understand everything that it says. Compare it with other insurance options offered in other companies to make sure that you get the best deal.
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Flight Travel Insurance: Must-Have Insurance for Stress-Free Journeys

A New Haven-bound US Airways flight was struck by lightning. The passengers and crew were safe and the flight was rerouted to New York. This incident, however, demonstrates why flight insurance is so crucial.
The importance of flight insurance policies is obvious in the number of products available in the market today. While the typical flight insurance policy covers death, loss of limbs, or loss of sight due to a flight accident, some other policies extend coverage to evacuation and repatriation on medical grounds, lost/missing/delayed baggage, and trip cancellation.
You have several flight insurance packages to pick from. Flight life insurance plans provide insurance coverage for accidental death on commercial airlines. If the insured visits high-risk areas, then flight life insurance do not offer coverage.
Flight cancellation insurance policies reimburse expenses in case a flight is delayed/, or if a family member or traveling companion is ill or expires. Some flight cancellation policies automatically insure traveling companions less than 18 years of age. And in some cases, expenses for trips delayed because of missed connecting flights are reimbursed.
There are several policies to choose from, depending on necessity and budget. One travel insurance policy can offer maximum limits of $300,000, $500,000, or $1 million while some others offer lower maximum limits of $100,000, $200,000, $300,000, and so on.
The premium amounts depend on the policy. The premium for some policies can be as nominal as $14 and can extend to $56. Maximum trip lengths, too, are policy specific and could be a minimum of 180 days or a maximum of one year. Policies can be bought for a single trip or for several trips through the year.
Some flight insurance plans pack in a lot of benefits while some others cover certain risks. A MedEvac plan takes care of emergency evacuation either due to medical reasons or security reasons. It also offers non-mandatory adventure sports coverage and a host of assistance services for medical situations, flight and hotel requirements, and even with missing luggage.
With so many flight insurance policies in the market, some amount of confusion is valid. So, to help customers access and compare various flight insurance policies, a web site was recently launched. The web site accepts input from the user and uses it to collect policy details from everywhere so that the user can compare all the available policies and choose one that is affordable and value for money.
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Travel Insurance - Protect Your Belongings While You Travel

When people think of the insurance coverages that they need, they rarely think about the need for travel insurance. However, if you have been planning and saving for a big family vacation for a long time it is important that you take measures to protect the time and money that you have invested in your trip. After all, it can take only one accident or unfortunate event to bring your trip to a halt and you will want to be covered by an insurance plan specifically designed for the hazards and losses that can occur while on vacation.
What Does Travel Insurance Cover?
Travel insurance generally covers cancellation or interruption of your trip, lost or stolen baggage, medical emergencies and general trip assistance services. Generally speaking, travel insurance policies are designed cover those hazards and losses that are not covered by a general insurance policy, although certain exclusions such as an act of God, intentional loss, or actions of the government still apply to travel insurance policies. Restrictions and conditions differ on each policy so it is best to educate yourself on such terms for each policy that you consider.
How Much Coverage Will I Need?
The amount of coverage that you will need for each will vary depending on your destination, the total cost of the trip and the frequency with which you travel. If you have booked an expensive trip, for example, you will want to make sure you insure your trip against involuntary cancellation or interruption for most if not all of the total amount you paid for your trip. If you are transporting expensive items in your luggage, you will also need to take consider that when choosing coverage limits. Emergency medical expense coverage is generally provided as an excess amount over your primary health care coverage.
Doesn't My Home, Auto, Health or Life Insurance Cover Me While on Vacation?
Your home, auto, health or life insurance coverages may cover you for certain losses while you are on vacation, although many policies will limit that coverage to certain limits and coverages and have a specified territory in which you are covered. If you find yourself vacationing outside of the territory of your policy, you will no longer be covered under the terms of your insurance contract during the time that you are there. You should ask your insurance agent or a representative from your carrier about the specifics of your policies as they relate to coverage provided while traveling.
Purchasing travel insurance is a great way to give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment of time and money is protected. Please remember that the conditions, coverage amounts and covered losses will differ from policy to policy and that this article is intended only to provide a general overview of travel insurance. Consult with your insurance agent or representative when considering and choosing insurance policies so that you are fully informed of all of the applicable terms and conditions.
Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about travel insurance [http://myluxurytravel.info/travel-insurance-protect-your-belongings-while-you-travel/], please visit My Luxury Travel [http://myluxurytravel.info/] for current articles and discussions.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Cruise Travel Insurance: So Your Dream Travel Is Insured

After careful planning and cost-cutting over 10 long years, Keith and Donna finally managed to save up enough money to book their luxury cruise trip to Galapagos. It was to be their second honeymoon amidst the scenic islands. Just as their anticipation about the trip was about to hit its peak, they got the unfortunate news of Keith's mother being diagnosed with a terminal illness that gave her very few days to live.
The news was double-disaster—not only were they extremely saddened by the prospect of losing his mother to a grave illness, but they also discovered that their cruise booking, like most other cruise bookings, was 100 percent non-refundable: a large proportion of their saving was bound to be wasted when they cancelled the trip. Keith bitterly regretted not taking his wife's advice on purchasing cruise travel insurance.
You can use cruise travel insurance plans to reimburse trip costs if you cancel the trip before it starts. If one of the travelers is ill or injured and the trip needs to be abandoned midway, you recover your money through cruise travel insurance. Some added benefits that are part of this plan include reimbursement of medical expenses and evacuation of sick or injured travelers.
There are several types of cruise insurance plans and they essentially differ in the reasons they consider valid for trip cancellation and the people covered by the plan. In some cases, they cover only the travelers and in other cases, travelers as well as family members are covered.
Plans that offer evacuation cover may pay for evacuation only to fixed local hospitals, or they may allow for evacuation to a hospital of the insured person's choice, within their home country. It may be possible to get a medical upgrade for the plan so that it covers medical expenses as well.
If you're interested in adventure sports and are planning to indulge in some of them, then do confirm whether the cruise insurance plan you intend to purchase covers any of the activities you're interested in. Some policies cover adventure sports like scuba diving and jet skiing and some don't.
The plans may or may not insure against pre-existing conditions or financial insolvency of the travel provider. In the cases where financial insolvency is covered, the eligible plan purchase date may vary such that some plans would protect against the insolvency only if purchased within 21 days from the initial trip deposit, while others would cover it even if purchased within 24 hours of the final trip payment.
If your trip is cancelled because of bad weather, then you don't need to worry. Most cruise insurance plans list bad weather as a condition under which cancellation charges are covered. However, if your trip suffers because of terrorism, then it is unlikely that the plan will consider it. Some plans, however, do cover medical expenses ranging from $10,000 to $500,000, whereas evacuation and repatriation cover can range from $100,000 to $1 million.
Adele Pitt frequently writes about travel and travel insurance.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

Whether you are travelling or backpacking, there will be possibilities of problems to arise. As you are on foreign land, if you lose your luggage or get injured, there might be difficulty claiming for your losses. Thus, here are some reasons why you should get travel insurance.
First of all, it is the flexibility of the duration of coverage. Some travelers would want to travel for a year, but some want to travel for a shorter duration. Whichever it is able to cover the trips either by annual or single-trip, allowing travelers pay for their insurance accordingly.
While no one would like to lose their luggage, money and documentation, it happens at times. When such a thing happens, a traveler will find themselves in a difficult situation. Yet, having travel insurance should be able to cover for such losses, so that they will be able to travel back to their own country.
Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere at all, even in your own country. This makes it important to get travel insurance as it may be able to cover your medical and associated costs like search and rescue should anything happen. However, do check to see if the policies of the travel safety cover the country you are planning to travel at.
Personal liability is another concern. There are times when a traveler themselves cause the damages to property or injury unintentionally. As it is unintentional, you would not be expecting to carry a lot of money to cover such costs. Therefore, it is important that the insurance cover personal liability as well so that travelers can have a worry-free holiday.
There is also the cancellation of trips. There are times when a traveler may have to cancel their holiday due to unforeseen circumstances, and cancellation may result in financial penalty which would be extremely costly. Thus, in such situations, the cost of cancellation of airfares and railway fees may be covered by the travel insurance.
All in all, travel insurance is beneficial for a traveler. When choosing an insurance, go through travel insurance guides to see which suits you best. At the same time, read through their travel safety guide to learn on tips to keep your possessions and self safely, because intentionally putting you in unsafe condition would not be included in the insurance company's coverage.
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Travel Sickness and How to Deal With It

For those of us that get sick when abroad, it is just typical! You have all year round to be sick and then the one week that you are away from your mundane and boring life you can guarantee that the bugs will bite! There are plenty of common ailments that can strike whilst you are elsewhere, and perhaps travel sickness is the first you have to contend with. Travel sickness can weaken the body and leave you more susceptible to illness. However, because you only get one chance to go away, it is essential that you cope with travel sickness as and when it happens rather than waiting.
Believe it or not, travel sickness actually happens to between 60% and 80% of the world's population at one time or another. Fortunately for those individuals that fly, it happens to most people while travelling in a car, but that is not to say that travel sickness does not apply on a plane! It does. If you start to feel dizzy or sick whilst flying then you are almost certainly experiencing travel sickness. There are things that you can do to prepare yourself in an attempt to avoid travel sickness in advance though:
o Avoid eating heavy, greasy, salty and spicy foods before you go. These will just serve to saturate and unsettle the stomach.
o Avoid drinking the night before flying to ensure that you are in good health when you take off! Getting drunk the night before may be a great way to see you off, but not if it makes you ill on the plane!
o Take some time to relax because anxiety can increase the problem. Your nerves can quite easily cause breathing problems, which could then lead to vomiting so make sure that you take your time and breathe!
o When you are flying and feel as though you are going to be ill, do not read or look downwards in any way because this will serve to disorientate you. However, you should keep moving so take a walk up the aisle every now and again.
o Drink plenty of water. This will keep sickness at bay somewhat because you are replacing the fluid that you are sweating and perhaps vomiting out. Water will also avoid unsettling your stomach, but carbonated drinks and acidic drinks like juices will upset the balance.
If you do happen to experience travel sickness or other illness when abroad, natural cures such as peppermint and ginger root can help you to fight nausea and calm your stomach. There are also some anti-sickness pills that may prove to be effective that you can purchase from a pharmacy. However, you should always drink plenty of water to re-hydrate your body and visit a doctor if symptoms do not abate for upwards of 24 hours.
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Monday, 14 May 2012

Travel Insurance - Don't Go Abroad Without It

Your choice of a travel insurance policy is probably the most important decision you will make in planning your holiday. You will enjoy peace of mind on your vacation knowing that any unforeseen circumstances, such as a hospital stay due to sickness or accident will be taken care of.
In addition, while many travelers have health insurance, it sometimes does not cover them outside of their network or outside of the United States. Most medical plans will not cover medical expenses abroad, which is why travel insurance coverage is vital to avoid financial disaster. Always check the details of your insurance coverage before you travel. Additionally, with out the proper medical insurance, you will not have a say on where you will be treated if you were in an accident.
Generally, comprehensive travel insurance policy costs 5 to 7 percent of the price of your trip. Your policy may also provide reimbursement for lost luggage, some degree of medical evacuation insurance, accidental death coverage, medical expenses, personal liability, cancellation, loss of baggage and theft. Your policy should also include all the details of how to make a claim.
Not all travel insurance plans are created equal. The cost varies from company and policy to policy. Policies may be purchased for individual trips or as an annual policy for all trips taken in the year of insurance. If you purchase an annual travel insurance policy, it will cover you for one year from the start date you choose. In some cases, it might be your best option to purchase a trip cancellation waiver and a third party travel insurance policy.
Credit card companies usually provide what is called travel accident insurance, which covers accidents but not incidents of serious illness. When you travel abroad, you should always consider buying insurance that includes medical care.
If you are willing to assume a financial risk (the cost of your trip), you can probably forego insurance for your domestic travel. Since 9/11, many are looking to travel insurance to safeguard their trip against any unforeseen terrorist attacks at their destination. Traveling abroad without insurance can be risky and impose long-term financial hardships if an accident or illness occurred.
For more information about travel insurance, visit Travel Insurance [http://www.travelinsuranceinfoguide.com]

Sunday, 13 May 2012

What Is Travel Insurance?

Should travel insurance play a role in your planning for this year's vacation? Ideally. You need to look carefully at just how much protection travel insurance can actually provide you while you are away on vacation. In addition, you need to give it some thought to what kind of insurance you should buy and what kind you can safely ignore. Trip cancellation coverage, accident and sickness coverage, baggage insurance and, life insurance are some of the many kinds of insurance people have to consider.
Trip cancellation coverage, probably the most important element for most travelers, will reimburse you for money lost if you've paid for a trip and then must cancel it because of a death in the family or an accident or illness involving you, a traveling companion or a family member. If you get sick before you are scheduled to leave you will get most or all of your money back. You will also be entitled to reimbursement if you get sick on your travel since you have to spend extra for going back home.
Having the Traveler's life insurance will grant person coverage when death happens as they are on a trip. Prior to buying travel insurance be sure to ask question concerning who will be covered and the like. The trip cancellations policies will also take into account your family and traveling companions. Coverage of illness or injury will even extend to business partners.
What are the countries the honor this coverage? Some policies exclude some specific countries. When will the coverage take effect? Most likely the start is when you take it out and ends when you come home.
In case someone gets sick or meets an accident will you have to pay first or will the coverage take care of it for you? Do you already have coverage that duplicates some of all of the coverage under a travel policy?
It pays to check if your health insurance already has you covered for medical expenses. Getting life insurance is also good for addition protection even until death. Dying at home now, will cost more then dying while traveling.
Some card companies provide you with insurance already like extra life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance granted you charge your tickets to their country. Is travel insurance really necessary? The Trip cancellation coverage will be the one thing you want to get if you have the life and health and homeowner's insurance already.
Be sure to consult people regarding this. Is there a possibility of getting a full refund? How much will tour companies give you back? In case problems arise, say with your charter flight or a non refundable tour then you will still be covered with the trip cancellation insurance.
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Friday, 11 May 2012

Preparations Before Traveling To Asia

For those planning to travel to Asia, you are in for a great visit. To ensure your trip is a memorable one, there are several things you will want to take care of prior to you leaving. Regardless of your destination in Asia, it is advised that you register with the US Embassy's Consular. This is for your protection. If an emergency arises, no one can help you if they don't know where you are.
You will to have a valid passport. Check to see if a visa will also be required for where you are going. Read the Consular information sheets for the areas you are traveling to prior to leaving. This will provide you with up to date information of anything taking place in that region that you should be aware of. If you do find yourself in any type of legal trouble, immediately contact the US Embassy for assistance.
Rules, regulations, and laws are different in Asia than in the United States. It is wise to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of that area. You don't want to find yourself in legal trouble out of the country because you weren't aware of how things are done there. Follow there rules set by all airports of not leaving your bags unattended or attending any type of package from someone you don't know for any reason.
Basic rules that apply anywhere including wearing expensive jewelry and clothing and showing large amounts of cash. These are indicators that you have items of value. It can lead you to being the victim of a robbery or worse crime. To avoid being the victim of a scam don't exchange currency with anyone except an authorized agent. Fully investigate prior to making purchases such as jewelry, art, and antiques.
Traveling to Asia can be a great experience. If you take the time to follow these basic tips, you will be more likely to enjoy your trip as well as return safely. By being prepared, you will be able to avoid surprises that will ruin your trip. By registering with the US Embassy, you will have an ally in the case something does take place. Having all these things in place will help you be able to focus on the beauty of Asia.
Criss manages Travel Asia and Angkor Wat.Criss is also the author of Asia Travel Guide.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Simplify Your Trip to the Continent - Use a Travel Map Europe

It may seem like a complex issue when you plan your trip to Europe but know about the place specifically. This is surely one problem which needs to be tackled so that you do not miss out on those places which are considered to be specialties. Also, you may even get lost in the place without proper guidance. This can however be prevented if you take assistance of a travel map Europe.
When it comes to making your itinerary, the best destinations on the map are your priority. However, there may be more places which are not known commonly but are included in the must-visit list of the place. These places will be surely missed out if the tourists do not seek proper guidance. This guidance is best provided for by a map of the place which will show all the countries like Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, etc and the tourists will be able to sort the places they want to visit.
Paper maps are a great handy help for sure, but comprehensive information cannot be obtained from them. For this it is better that a more exhaustive source is sought and that can be done through the travel map of Europe which is available to them online. The online map caters to the need of the tourists by providing them specific information even about the cities of the different countries present in the continent. One can even look for information about the cities of various countries and visit them. These maps also prevent the tourists from wandering here and there and reach directly to the place where they wish to be.
With the travel map Europe, tourists who are planning their visit to the continent or are currently visiting, can seek guidance to further plan the itinerary and visit the places of their interest.
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

International Tips For Carry-On Luggage and Bags on International Trips

If you find yourself traveling in coach class, pay particular attention to your bag's weight. Each airline has different restriction policies to what they will allow. The maximum size is usually 45" which means that your bag could be 22" x 14" x 9". and with a maximum weight of 11 pounds on international flights.
  1. Inquire about your flight; different airplanes can have different limits. Do not assume that the flight has unlimited closet space for garment bags. Most have to be checked in.
  2. To ensure bin space for your carry-on board the moment your row is called. Better yet, get in line about a minute before last boarding call.
  3. Unless you prefer the open space in front of your legs, avoid the bulkhead row. It offers less storage space since there is no seat in front of you.
  4. If it does not bother you to be the last one out ask for a seat towards the rear. This which will allow you to board earlier, when more overhead bins are empty.
  5. Do not pack anything in a carry-on bag that could be considered a weapon. This includes mace, scissors, knives.
Just to make sure that your have as few hassles as possible, use a small bag with only the essential items that you will need for a day. This is not only a courtesy to other travelers but it will make your trip less bothersome for you. Do not forget your toothbrush and toothpaste because it is one small way to refresh yourself on lengthy flights -- and your fellow passengers will appreciate the effort.
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Monday, 7 May 2012

Europe Travel Packages - For Tension Free Touring

Europe is the most demanding tourist hub. It is the most beautiful continent on earth. Nearly 60 percent of the total travel revenue in the world comes from Europe itself. The reason for this is that Europe is the continent that contains various beautiful countries that are rich in cultural heritage, architecture and sight seeing locations. Europe travel package is a way to explore this continent in the most professional way at a very low cost. These packages offer you great deals for traveling to your loved locations.
One can opt for the Europe travel package and visit European countries without and hassles. These packages are a complete deal that takes care of all your traveling needs. It includes tickets, room reservations, food, sight seeing and other facilities that a traveler need during his visit. These packages are designed by the professional travel agents in a very formal way. These packaged tours focus on covering most of the locations with more enjoyment. Package tours are of great value to your money as they are worth taking up to explore Europe.
Europe travel package offers cruises, independent vacations, customized vacations, escorted tours to meet your particular requirement. You get exceptional discounts and also every minute detail is taken care of. These packages are better since they allow you to enjoy your vacations to the fullest without bothering about room or ticket reservation, hiring taxi or guide and many more. These packages offer you a great deal for traveling across Europe.
European countries are vast and full of rich culture and architectures. Europe travel package will give you all the help and a real wonderful experience to any destination you want. The packages are better than the traditional self traveling. Packages design a proper itinerary for a traveler and offer value for your money.
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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Car Driving Tips in Europe

Europe has all the aspects of a good vacation spot for tourists and travelers. From quaint villages to gothic palaces and castles to extensive farms and archeological sites, all these enchanting views cannot be experienced without driving. Traveling by car lets you have your own independence and flexibility. Here are some excellent car driving tips if your next holiday destination is Europe:
o Check out for the latest car-rental costs in Europe. Remember that different companies have diverse packages. Prices may also vary from country to country.
o Driving can be different than your home country. Before planning to drive into any European country, learn what the legal requirements are by checking all licensing information.
o Make sure you choose the best driving season for your holidays in Europe. Spring is the best season to drive in Europe. If you are planning for a Christmas holiday tour to Europe, please change your mind as winter season is a very busy season due to holidays and driving can be more frustrating. In addition, the snow might make driving difficult.
o Consider the population of a particular European city if you are planning to drive in such cities. Cities like London can be very busy and hence drivers will find driving extremely frustrating. However, smaller cities and towns found in France or Denmark have less population, so it is easier to drive in these areas.
o You should gather enough information about parking areas of a particular place you are visiting in Europe. Remember, parking is very scarce and this is one of the biggest causes of frustrations among drivers.
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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Golden Tips for Bus Tours

By selecting a bus tour over other options of travelling, you are making sure you are going to have a great time on your world tour. You can just sit back, relax, and leave everything else to the driver and the bus crew. Getting the most out of your upcoming bus trip is very important. This means you should keep some things in mind.
Let us first talk about the three major bus travel kinds, which are unescorted, semi-guided, and fully guided.
If you feel you do not want any boundaries and that you want to explore cities and sights on your own, you should choose the unescorted type of bus tours.
The second option, means there is going to be some kind of structure each day, but you can still decide on what food you are going to eat, and you will have some time of your own as well.
The third type of bus trip or the fully guided one should translate into everything is already taken care of. All of the meals and attractions are chosen in advance by the bus travel operator. By choosing this kind of bus tours, you can be sure you will learn a lot of useful information about the places you are going to visit by the guide.
Bus trips can be divided by duration too. You can choose a short one for a couple of hours for example, or a nice long bus tour holiday that may last for a week or two. It all depends on how much time you can spare for your vacation. A very important thing to think about while you are about to book a bus travel would be how much time you will be comfortable sitting in the bus, and how many places do you actually want to visit and explore.
Do never forget to check what are the specific languages spoken in the country you are thinking of visiting. Do this in advance so that you can be sure that your language demands are going to be fulfilled.
Now a few words about bus tours prices. It is natural that a more expensive bus tour means better accommodation, and of course higher level of knowledge of the tour guides. This all means that the quality of your bus tour is related to the price you are going to pay.
Another important thing to remember when choosing a bus tour is getting your eyes off the price for a while and actually checking what the particular offer includes. A huge number of people tend to forget about that, while they are focusing on the total cost only. Again, we are talking about prices that you will have to pay for entrances, attractions, hotels, and even meals. It is better to be prepared by learning those things in advance, instead of being unpleasantly surprised.
To read more about bus travel and how you can get a last minute one, you should click on this link. If you want to go on a bus trip around Europe, visit this website.