Friday, 20 April 2012

Traveling With Children

Traveling with children can be a challenge, but with careful planning your
family can have a hassle-free trip. Your odds for having a successful trip will
be better if you don't set your expectations too high and if you involve your
kids in planning your vacation.
Here are some additional travel tips:
When you pack the car, put the children's suitcases on top. Kids often need
to get into their suitcases to retrieve something. By having the suitcases on
top, you won't have to repack the car every time your kids need their things.
Don't forget to pack essential items such as sunscreen, pain reliever,
calamine lotion, bandages, hats, sunglasses, or umbrellas. The gift shop in
your hotel will charge quite a bit of money for these items if you should need
to buy them during your trip.
In order to keep your young children safe at your hotel room, you should
bring along some child-proofing items. Plastic outlet covers, doorknob covers,
and plastic ties for tying up drapery cords and electrical cords will give you
peace of mind while you are living in your home away from home.
It is a good idea to bring your child's nightlight from home. Children won't
be scared in unfamiliar surroundings with the glow of the nightlight for
My mother taught me a great trick when she went on a trip with my family
to the beach. She brought a bag of new toys with her and she handed them
out to my kids during our car trip. She gave them a new item about every two
hours so they would have something to play with. You might try giving your
children small items such as puzzle books, stickers, cards, stuffed animals, or
Pack each child a sack filled with snacks for the trip. This way you won't
have to stop at a convenience store every time they get hungry. Make sure you
pack healthy foods and include some small bottles of water.
Allow yourself plenty of time for check-in. When your kids travel with you
everything takes twice as long.
Make sure that your children eat a substantial snack before they board the
airplane. The pretzels and drink served by the airline might not be enough
food for a long flight.
Give each child a set amount of money to spend on souvenirs. Let them
buy what they want even if you think the item is silly. This is a good lesson in
Buy each child a small scrapbook before the trip. Take the scrapbook along
and your kids can unwind at the hotel in the evening by pasting momentos into
their books.
Bon voyage!
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