Monday, 30 April 2012

5 Ways to Keep Out of Trouble When Traveling Abroad

When you are traveling in another country it can be real easy to get yourself into trouble. When you don't know the language and don't understand the laws, you can get into some pretty unpleasant situations. If you remember these tips and pay attention to our recommendations you can save yourself a lot of headaches. 
  1. Make sure you have a signed and valid passport in you possession at all times. Most countries will require that you carry an identification card or passport with you. A bank card or voter registration card won't make it and your driver license is not going to be satisfactory in most countries. Be sure your passport is current and signed and is still going to be valid for six months after you return home.
  2. Be sure to check with the Department of State for any adverse conditions that may exist in the country you will be visiting. If any travel advisories have been issued for the place you are visiting they can be found at passport agencies, US embassies and consulates, and through most airline offices.
  3. Be sure to check up on the laws of the country you will be visiting. US laws don't apply in most foreign countries and sometimes the customs in your destination country may be very restrictive. This is one place where the services of a competent travel agent may come in very handy. They can inform you of any unusual laws that you should be aware of in the country where you are vacationing.
  4. If you plan to stay longer than 2 weeks in a foreign country be sure to register with the US consulate. They can help if someone back home needs to get in touch with you and they can also be helpful if you don't show up when the time comes for you to return home.
  5.  It will always be to your advantage if you can blend into a crowd rather than stand out like a beacon. There will always be someone looking for that special target that could provide an easy mark for a robbery or even an assault. If you find it is essential to be the so called "American Tourist" and stand out from the others then try not to carry a bunch of cash or jewelry with you. That will make you an easy target for a pickpocket and they can be found in any large city and in any country.
Traveling abroad is a normally a wonderful experience and with just a few precautions that experience will be one that is cherished for years to come. It will always be to your advantage to be less noticeable and a little reserved. With reservation will come more respect and enjoyment of your travel experience.
Jere Moline is a travel writer and has enjoyed the cultures of many countries throughout the world. For up to date advice about travleing abroad be sure to stop by our web site at

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